The manager’s day is cut into 30 minute intervals, and they change what they’re are doing every half hour. Sorta like Tetris — shifting blocks around and filling spaces.

The maker’s day is different. They need to make, to create, to build. But, before that, they need to think. The most effective way for them to use time is in half-day or full-day blocks. Even a single 30 minute meeting in the middle of “Make Time” can be disruptive.

We all need to be makers. Everyone should take this lesson to heart. Having the time to think and create is extremely important. This is why I avoid scheduling meetings in the morning as much as possible, and I try to have all meetings on the same day.

I strongly suggest watching the video (I’ve watched it 10+ times now), and then reading the email, as I feel the visuals in the video help get the core lesson across. Please make sure to take the time to at least watch the video, even if you don’t have the time.

I hope you have a great day full of deep thought.