I just finished reading Lying by Sam Harris and I’m quite moved by the premise. Harris argues that there is no reasonably ethical situation where one should lie (even a white lie) and I tend to agree with him.

The most important thing that Harris does consider, is that on shouldn’t be bluntly honest. One should consider the truth that is told rather than defaulting to a lie, as if a lie is found out it is often more harmful than any truth, not matter the brutality of the truth.

So this is why I’m going to stop lying completely. It will help me make sure I’m measuring my words more carefully, as sometimes the truth needs to be delivered gently.

I also strongly suggest everyone read or listen to the book, as it is very short, and shouldn’t take much more than an hour to read, but could make you think about the words you say more thoroughly. Especially when it comes to what you say to loved ones.