How Facebook Made Your Birthday a Business—The Ringer

An interesting look at how Facebook has cemented itself as the place where people wish “Happy Birthday” to each other, including some of the overt nudges such as the notifications, and subtle nudges in the language that Facebook uses around birthdays.

AnyPixel.js—Google Creative Lab

This is just a small fun thing that I’d love to setup in a space!

And it’s also a great example of the democratisation of hardware and software that is becoming more prevalent today. I’m sure there are many companies who charge thousands of dollars to get something like this setup.

User Illusion: Everyday ‘Placebo Buttons’ Create Semblance of Control—99% Invisible

I’d never really thought of this before, but since reading this article I’ve started noticing the traffic patterns a lot more! I also love the creative expression that people have taken to these ‘placebo buttons’. I’d totally fist bump to cross the road.

On a side note as well, the latest episode of 99% Invisible was great, and make sure to stick around for the premier of “Smart Stuff”!

Generous Orthodoxy—Revisionist History

The second to last episode of season 1 of Revisionist History is probably my favourite one so far. Malcolm Gladwell does a great job exploring the sacrifices we need to make to ensure we commit to our principles, maintaining the balance between generosity and orthodoxy.

Overall, I’d strongly suggest listening to the whole first season of Revisionist History, as it’s a great exploration into the events of the past.

Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.

The Animated Adventures of Firefly Teaser—Stephen Byrne

I’m not sure how to explain this one, but overall it’s a beautiful tribute to Firefly. I’m sure any fan, will love it.

Also for those interested in the animation process, Stephen Byrne also put up a roughly 10 minute sped up video covering off the animation of 2 seconds of the teaser.