3 Rules for Rulers—CGP Grey

Another interesting video from CGP Grey exploring the topic of what it takes to stay in power both in a dictatorship and in democracy. 

CGP Grey is one of my favourite YouTube channels, as he explores topics in such depth, and takes such a long time to polish the videos. Here are some of my other favourites:

The Coddling of the American Mind—The Atlantic

An interesting exploration of the overall benefit of the growing use of “vindictive protectiveness” especially in US Colleges.

I personally believe that a lot of these “protections” have harmful long term effects, as people tend to not be exposed to opinions that they disagree with or are offended by. This often leads to adults who aren’t equipped to face the world as it is, rather than what they want it to be. This is leading to a generation who cannot live in the real world, and I believe is contributing to the rising portion of individuals who are suffering from mental illness these days.

Make sure you have a thick skin, as it’s becoming easier for random individuals on the internet to offend you.

Aeron Remastered—Herman Miller

For those who missed the news, Herman Miller has bought an update out for the best desk chair available in the world. I’m always impressed by great industrial design, and Herman Miller has a habit of hitting out of the park. They make furniture which is both practical and looks good, which in my opinion is the essence of good industrial design.

In Praise of Maintenance—Freakonomics Radio

Speaking of “new things”, Freakonomics Radio had a great episode last week talking about the emphasis that our current culture puts on “new things” as solutions to fixing the problems of the old things. But as the episode explores, an emphasis on maintenance may go a long way to lessening a requirement on new things coming along. Especially as a large portion of the people in the world focus on maintenance rather than coming up with new things.

Black Mirror—Netflix

This week also bought along the release of Season 3 of Black Mirror, which is such a great show. If you haven’t watched Black Mirror yet, you’re missing out on a well crafted exploration of the future and how it bad it could look.

Each episode explores a different story and a different possible future. While the episodes can get very dark, I believe it’s a well put together commentary on our current society, and a warning of where it could lead.