Can Hypothermia Save Gunshot Victims?—The New Yorker

It’s interesting that a technique that has the strong potential to save people’s lives is hit with so much controversy… I think Peter Safa and Sam Tisherman should be commended for pushing forward against the controversy for decades to get to the human trail stage.

TITANPOINTE: The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight—The Intercept

Why hiding in plain sight is sometimes the best option, a look inside a well regarded skyscraper that has existed on the New York skyline for decades.

If you interested in surveillance and related topics, The Intercept is a great source, another interesting story is about the U.K. Parliament approving the Investigatory Powers Bill (the “Snoopers’ Charter” according to critics).

No Cause for Alarm: Dynamic Sprinkler-Free System Stops Fires Before They Start—99% Invisible

An interesting solution to stop fires! Of course it’s pretty hard to maintain in many environments. But is a brilliant idea for storage archives/warehouses, and server farms. It’s a great idea to use the air to stop fires, since completely fills up the spare space.

The Last Unknown Man—New Republic

The past often defines us, but what if you didn’t have a past. This story explores the story of a man who was found behind a Burger King, and didn’t know who he was. It’s a long but very interesting story, also exploring the rise of identification, and how in the age of the internet it’s getting a lot harder to be truly unknown.

What a driverless world could look like—TED

This is a world I can get behind, the irony being that the more automated by computers our cities become (especially traffic) the more organic they’ll behave.