As Far As Your Brain is Concerned, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’—New York Magazine

For all those fans of audio books out there, science is backing you up. Once you’re a competent reader your brain is so used to reading that it’s around the same effort to listen to it. The article also mentions some other draw backs for both forms of consuming words, but overall it doesn’t matter that much.

Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations—James Clear

James Clear again hits the nail on the head with this article about saying thank you. Sometimes it’s simply better to say thank you rather than explaining ourselves but often we just can’t help it. I’ll be trying to apply this to my life.

How to Focus on the Essentials—The Focus Course

Focusing on the essentials is what Josh Kaufman does best, his form is writing books distilling the essentials of subjects so his readers know the minimum required. This discussion with Shawn Blanc (the creator of The Focus Course), is a great one covering off subjects like prioritising health to make yourself more productive, how to make decisions when there are too many options, and more.

Tossed Aside in the ‘White Gold’ Rush—The Washington Post

An interesting look into how Lithium is mined and how it’s impacting communities on Argentina, in one of the biggest Lithum producing areas in the world.

This story is going to be interesting to follow as lithium demand continues to increase into the future, as it’s the main active ingredient in almost all the batteries that power our personal technology.

X-STORY—Vitaliy Shushko

This is a great short animation, with a great action adventure storyline, and some amazing animation. I really like the style that they we went with in this one, it’s familiar but distinct compared to the animation I’ve watched before.