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Five Things – 04-02-16

Posted on 2 mins read

Death by Tactile Paving: China’s Precarious Paths for the Visually Impaired—99% Invisible

Tactile paving has been fascinating me ever since I saw a sign explaining what it was a couple of months ago (#readtheplaque). Honestly Seiichi Miyake did a fantastic job developing such a simple solution that sighted people simply wouldn’t think about.

Anyway this article is about some of the worst implementations of tactile paving, with some paths in China leading the blind through a maze, or even down holes…

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman—The Tim Ferriss Show

A fascinating interview, covering a variety of topics, including: how to recover from rejection, how to overcome personal crises of faith, and much more. It’s a great and inspiring interview for people who are looking towards the future, and how to plan what your next step is.

What Finland’s plan to be tobacco-free can teach the world—CNN

I have to give kudos to Finland, for being the first country to definitively say that they want to have a tobacco-free country. Smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of preventable death. Yet tobacco is a freely available substance, while less harmful substances are illegal.

Why children ask ‘Why?’ and what makes a good explanation—Aeon

A nice short piece exploring how answering a child’s ‘Why?’ can be a bit more complex that at first glance. I am however a strong believer of ensuring that a child’s curiosity is fed, as the world needs curious minds to help become problem solvers in whatever field they make it into.

The Fight to Fix Your Brain—The Ringer

It’s interesting that we’re coming to the point were to help us escape from our technology into sleep is starting to require technology. The human brain has been working well for many millennia, but now we’re diminishing its use through technology, we’ve decided to try and fix ourselves.