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Five Things – 25-02-17

Posted on 2 mins read

With “Burst Your Bubble,” The Guardian pushes readers beyond their political news boundaries—Nieman Lab

This is probably the article I was most exited to read this week! As I know I definitely don’t consume enough conservative media. Although there is a strong political divide in the media, I strongly believe that considering the beliefs and values of people you disagree with is very valuable.

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds—The New Yorker

Although the article has some political references, I thought it was a great explanation of the research on why we have the ability to completely ignore facts that counter our beliefs. Very interesting read, and hopefully will remind and help everyone to take some time to make sure you review your own views.

Man of the People—Reply All

A very interesting podcast, it was mentioned on quite a few best of 2016 lists, and I finally got around to listening to it this week. It tells the story of one John R. Brinkley, a con man who took advantage of the birth of radio to sell his con, and he definitely took it to the next level!

Reporters Love Chatrooms But Worry Security Is Slacking—Fast Company

It is sad that journalists around the world are having to start acting more like spies that regular people when reporting on the actions of governments, but that is how it is. But a part of making sure sources are protected is ensuring your communication is secure. This article explores the implications of using Slack in news organisations (which is a very popular tool in the media and many other industries).

How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie—Vox

An interesting look into how technology has enabled shots that were previously unable to be captured when working with wild animals! It was definitely interesting to learn how much of an impact the miniaturisation of gimbals have had. Also, it has lead to Planet Earth 2 to have some of the most beautiful shots (at least what I’ve seen so far).