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Five Things – 08-04-17

Posted on 2 mins read

Termite clay kiln & pottery—Primitive Technology

If you’ve ever been interested in how the technology of early humans was made and what the uses were, I have the YouTube channel for you! Primitive Technology is a fascinating and relaxing watch, as the guy making the items doesn’t speak, so it’s just the sounds of his actions and the sounds of North Queensland rainforest.

Ancient Cannibals Didn’t Eat Just for the Calories, Study Suggests—The New York Times

A short but interesting look at a recent study completed by Dr James Cole, measuring the calories that you’d get by eating a human. It’s a pretty informative look at why the “nutritional” argument for Palaeolithic cannibalism doesn’t make much sense.

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her—The Guardian

A very interesting look at the case of two people having the same first and last name, same middle initial, and the same birthday. As an Australian, I don’t really get that since my drivers licence has a unique number to identify me, but in the US they don’t have a way to identify people nationally, well other than the Social Security Number which is woefully inadequate

Yes, Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick—The New York Times

If you’re feeling depressed or manic, your circadian rhythm may just be off from your sleep cycle! And Richard A. Friedman has some good reasoning on how you can fix it for free.

50 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want More Walkable Streets—Fast Company

Now I completely agree with these points as an urban planning geek, but if you’ve ever been interested in the benefits of a walkable city, this article is a great summary. It’s amazing how much walkability can make a city significantly better, and of course it needs to be combined with a good public transport system, but it’s definitely worthwhile.