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Five Things – 15-04-17

Posted on 2 mins read

Fix the internet by writing good stuff and being nice to people—Woman. Legend.Blog

An interesting look at how the changes in the last few years across the internet, have created situations where people only see opinions like theirs, or only the pieces that get the most likes or stars or favs. There are really some great ideas in the post. I’d also add that subscribing to great newsletters is also a great way to expose yourself to great writing (my best suggestion right now is NextDraft).

The Economics of Airline Class—Wendover Productions

This is one of those things that you never think about (unless you work for an Airline), but is surprisingly fascinating! It’s interesting to see that economy seating only makes up a small fraction of the money on a flight, even through it often takes up the majority of the space on the plane.

Generation Adderall—The New York Times Magazine

It didn’t escape me that just as Adderall was surging onto the market in the 1990s, so, too, was the internet, that the two have ascended within American life in perfect lock-step.

Casey Schwartz has written great explanation on how it feels to be addicted to a drug, reinforced by her background in psychiatry.

A 2-for-1 for Racists: Post Hateful Fliers, and Revel in the News Coverage—ProPublica

The far right groups are getting really good at the PR game! I wonder how many journalists realise that they’re plying into the hands of the far right groups and are giving them exposure they wouldn’t have gotten without an article being written.

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding—WIRED

Other than programming needing to be taught earlier in school, this is an entirely reasonable next step in blue collar work. As the jobs traditionally done by humans as physical labour decrease something needs to replace them. And mental work is harder to automate (although a lot of people are trying).